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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

You know what I could really go for?

A tall, frosty can of beer (I'm thinking Sapporo), as I sit on a pool toy and bobble in a clean, clear swimming pool. Last year, we invaded the dollar store while on vacation and got a boatload of cheap plastic toys which received constant use. My favorite was the little rainbow-colored life preserver that was dubbed "The HMS Unstable" and allowed you to sink into the water while you tried to keep from going ass over kettle. Ah, so refreshing. Even when you spilled your beer in the pool and created your own little foam party.

Instead, I sweat in my office clothes and can look forward to going to a hot, stuffy dance studio after work tonight for my class. I tried to salvage the day by going out for a fruit-sicle. However, Fresh Fields, aka The Food Museum, only had popsicles which had actual fruit in them, instead of being made with real fruit juice, as god intended. I bought one that was 90 percent pineapple chunks, which is all sorts of wrong. Fucking hippies. Can't they just provide frozen colored sugar water to an overheated population? Does everything just *have* to be healthy?


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