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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Finally, it ends

This season's TAR finally, FINALLY ended last night. And you know what? The last two hours were pretty damn good. They reminded me of how it used to be. *sigh*

Anyways, I was pretty happy with the ending. I actually liked the Linzes from the get-go - I found them affable goofs - and they didn't turn on each other or get ugly, which is rare for TAR and doubly so for a family in that close proximity for that length of time (over 600 consecutive hours. yikes). I could've even lived with the Bransons winning, although they seemed to be barely squeaking through each time.

But the important thing was that the Weavers didn't win. I was really hoping that they would show them struggling with the end task - putting together a map of North and Central America - as this was the family who infamously thought that the Great Lakes were in Louisiana and that Washington, DC, was near Washington state. Alas, they were so far behind by that point that they edited that part out (or the producers didn't make them do it at all, something else I would've liked to have seen. This is known as the Guido edit).

BTW: Even though I have been bitterly disappointed with this season, I managed to pull myself out of bed (where I was sulking with a minor case of the flu) so I could watch the show. The love for TAR, it runs deep in my veins.

Best part is that the new season starts in February and it's back to the format I know and love: two-person teams that actually race around the world. Let the games begin!


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