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Saturday, November 26, 2011


For once, the Texan and I are the first ones on our block to put up our holiday lights. Suck on that, elderly neighbors! It was not intentional on our part- just a perfect storm of a long holiday weekend and good weather that prompted us to do it. Our MO is that we normally put up the lights less than a week before xmas, preferably during the middle of a wind storm. Ah well, there's always the trip to get our xmas tree.

(Sidenote: let's pour a 40 out in honor of my *almost* having made it through NaBloPoMo. Closest one ever.)

Although I must say that the gauntlet that we've thrown down has already been thrown back at us (...yes? How does one refer to that anyways?). One of our neighbors has a very cool set of icicles on a string that use LED lights to "trickle down" the lights so it looks like it's snowing. We may have to hit Home Depot to see what we can use in response.


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