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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Deliciously full

We went to Rasika tonight, using J-Dawg's trip to DC as justification. So delicious. I forced myself to try something different and I was not disappointed. Paneer with tomato sauce - highly recommended. And of course we got the crispy spinach which Rasika is known for.

I also have learned from other trips to other Indian restaurants: bread OR rice, not bread AND rice. That latter combo is where madness lies.

My sister has a place near where we grew up that she loves to take me to when I'm in LA called the India Restaurant. Not the Indian restaurant, mind you, but the India Restaurant. Guess what they serve? In buffet form? WITH SAMOSAS IN THE BUFFET DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THAT IS????

Where was I? Oh yes, food coma. This should be a good week for eatin' and sittin' and sippin'. I love the holidays.


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