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Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am leaving tomorrow for work trip to Omaha. Randomly, I started googling to see when Mates of State is going to be on tour next and lo and behold! They are playing in Omaha on Wednesday. I don't think it will interfere with the after-conference networking, and it should be done in time for me to get up on Thursday for the last day of meetings. In theory, of course. But how cool would it be to see them in a different part of the world! The last time I saw them was at the Black Cat in DC, several years ago. They put on a good show - so much good energy. Now I'm talking myself into definitely buying the ticket to see them Wednesday. Can't wait! Maybe I'll get an Omaha steak before the show and really go all out. (I mock Omaha Steaks but the last time I was there, I bought a bunch of bacon-wrapped steaks for The Texan. They've got a nice little refrigerated kiosk in the airport and everything. DELICIOUS.)


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