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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The sounds around me

* My 20-year-old cat snoring next to me. At this stage in the game, I have given up on him becoming a lap cat, and have to accept that his version of it means sitting near me.

* The latest dance music from The Texan's iPad. As a computer techie, he has nothing good to say about Apple products, but now we both have an iSomething. Resistance is futile!

* The dog's collar clinking against the floor as he shifts around to find a more comfortable sleep pose. He was full of beans earlier and kept attacking the cat; after about a dozen claws to his nose, he figured out that perhaps he was better off not engaging with Shrapnel tonight.

* Our grandfather clock ticking along. It is something of an enigma right now: it has been updated to reflect the switch away from Daylight Savings, but for some reason, that hasn't registered for when it gongs the hour. So at 8pm, it rings 9 times, for example. You'd think that wouldn't throw you off. You would be wrong.


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