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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Drips and starts

I can't quite get my mojo going on this blog again, so I figured I'd participate in NaBlaPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) to kickstart myself. Until I peter out by the end of the week, I'm guessing. Still, let the fun begin!

I guess it would be more interesting if I had something to actually report. We didn't do anything special for Halloween - I was under the weather this weekend and that, combined with the sleet/snow on Saturday, killed any interest I had in celebrating Halloween out in the bars. And last night I had dance class so technically I was in costume - a bellydance costume. Doesn't really count, I know.

A couple of my colleagues are recent grads of the place I went to grad school, and it turns out that it now has an official Halloween party. Back in MY day, we didn't get fancy school-sanctioned Halloween parties. Except for the year we were in Italy, for some reason, then it was okay. At that point Halloween wasn't that big a deal in Italy but some of the locals loved the idea of dressing up, even if they didn't quite get the execution perfect. I remember a bunch of the American students were horrified when some Italians showed up at our party wearing American Civil War uniforms....of the Confederacy. No idea where they got those from or even if they had any idea of what they symbolized. Still, very random.

At our house the most festive thing is the orange neckerchief tied around our dog Che's throat. I feel that is sufficient for this year. Maybe next year we'll dress the pets up as each other. And my transformation to crazy old pet lady will be complete.


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