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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thinking cool thoughts

You know it's going to be a bad day when the weather service says, er, better check on your elderly neighbors. Today the heat index is supposed to reach 110 degrees and we have an excessive heat warning, which I don't remember DC having before. It almost makes me feel okay with what just happened.

I went outside to go refill the dog's pool (one of those baby pools that are five feet in diameter) and his water bucket. The cat has taken to hanging out next to the pool in the dirt, so I made sure to double-check that he wasn't there before starting to empty out the pool. Unfortunately, I hadn't realized that there was a little hollow there and the cat was nestled in it under the pool. Which meant that when I started to pour out the water, I ended up dumping a bunch of it on a very surprised and formerly sleeping cat. Poor kitty! He didn't seem pissed, just very confused about how his rest happened to have been interrupted by a couple of gallons of mosquito-infested water. Shrapnel is currently grooming himself and trying to put himself back together. At least he's been cooled off, right?


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