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Monday, February 15, 2010

Praying for rain

Only because I'm hoping that it will melt some of the snow. We've got these lovely ice dams forming over the back of our house, and every time I shut the back door I cringe in anticipation that this will be the time that they come crashing down. Also because our little street has not been plowed yet and I'm thinking it never will be (it's pretty narrow).

We did manage to leave the house on Saturday. You will notice that I'm posting on Monday. This is not because I was so busy yesterday that I could not find the time to post; it's because I was so grievously hungover that I did not get out of bed until 5pm, at which point I toddled downstairs to the TV so I could watch "Annie." "Dirty Jobs" had far too many fast cuts for my eyes to take, plus I love that movie. I had taped it off a channel called "GMC" that I later found out stood for "Gospel Music Channel." FYI, it has a preponderance of commercials for As Seen On TV products and motivational speakers. I also timed it: 8 minutes of movie were followed by 5 minutes of commercials. Thank god for fast forward (and people wonder why no one wants to watch live TV any more). Anyways, you would think that I would know better than to accept a vibrantly colored drink made at a house party with a silly name. I actually do, and yet I still kept on drinking them (damn you, Pretty in Pink!). Despite all that, it was nice to socialize again.

Our poor dog has been so bored since this all happened. He keeps on wanting to go out and then, when confronted with icy steps, wants to come right back in. Today the Texan had an appointment downtown, so Che and I walked with him to Georgia Ave. When I got back, I let Che off the leash on our little block with the intention of bringing him immediately back inside. Instead, he lay his ears back and started tearing up and down the street in sheer joy of being able to run. So I let him run up and down the sidewalk until he wore himself out. Poor puppy.


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