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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Let the hippie-fying begin

I bought my first fabric grocery bag at Whole Foods today. I kind of hate myself because of all the places to buy one of those from, Whole Foods is a about as holier-than-thou as you can get. However, let's face it, I did buy stuff there (chili and whole wheat naan bread, not the best combination for lunch, for the record), and I did need a bag.

I even did my full-on grocery shopping at Yes Natural Foods last week. Overall, it worked out okay. There was, however, the one incident where I went to bake a non-chicken chicken patty from the box of four that I'd bought from them and found that someone had opened up the box, taken a patty out, and taped the box together before putting it back on the shelf where it lay in wait for an unsuspecting shopper who just wanted a goddamn easy dinner, is that too much to ask? Mother Gaia doesn't condone stealing, Yes shoppers!

And I'm back in DC. Huzzah! Except for the part where my husband and pets are still wrapping things up in Texas. That, I'm not too thrilled with, but they'll be here soon.


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