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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honeymoon's over

Sorry Obama, FAIL. Only one week in and we in Texas are under a winter storm warning. A winter storm warning! And here I was expecting sunshine and rainbows for the term of your presidency. Thanks for nothing.


In other news, I learned a valuable lesson about respecting the rules last week. My job now has me going to a site twice a week for meetings that is still under some construction. I'm learning all the shortcuts and am always looking for ways to shave valuable seconds to my walk from the parking lot. (Time, money, etc.) The other day I realized that it was almost a direct line from the parking lot to the back of the building where I was headed, if I walked through the grass. No problem, I thought.

Turned out what looked like innocent grass was in actuality a hidden marsh. I took two steps in the "grass" and sunk to my feet in mud. And it wasn't regular mud: it was clay, which basically engulfed my feet and turned them into two rectangular blocks. As I tried to free myself, the mud sucked the shoes off of my feet. Fortunately, I was wearing flip-flops, so after getting out of the marsh, I shuffled through the grass and got the worst of the mud off of me. My shoes, however, would take some doing to get clean. So I just abandoned them at the side of the building - no way was I going to show up at my meeting with two filthy flip-flops in hand. After the meeting, I scurried over and, studiously casual, gathered them up for the hike back to my car.

So take it from me: when walking through a new construction site with implanted sod that may not have taken yet to the ground, STAY OFF THE GRASS.


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