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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! Get money out of the ATM now while you can!

Not to be all Gloomy Gus at the end of the year, but man was it hard to find an ATM that had money in it. It took me three tries to find a bank with one. I even called my own bank to harass them to see if there was a problem with my account (there was not). Finally, when I did get to a bank that actually had money in it, I was behind a car that had "CASH" stamped all over it. Turned out that they were huge Johnny Cash fans, but for a minute there, I thought it was an omen.

Anyways, tonight, be sure to use a cab that takes credit cards, just to be safe, and drink responsibly. That is to say, quaff only GOOD champagne, because god knows the bad kind can give you wicked hangovers.


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