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Friday, October 17, 2008

Feeling nekkid

So two weeks ago, I happened to glance down and see that one of the diamonds had fallen out of my wedding band. This annoyed me for two reasons: 1) it looked all sorts of shitty, and 2) I've only been wearing the thing for a year and a half. Come on, just because the divorce rate has skyrocketed in this country doesn't mean that wedding rings should be made to be disposable!

I took it back to the store, where I found out that my "diamond warranty" (free replacement of the diamond) would have been followed if I'd been taking it in to the store to get the prongs tightened every six months. Allow me to break this down: they take a week to get it back to you. So I'm expected to give up my wedding band for TWO WEEKS every year - keep in mind this isn't costume jewelry, it's something that is not supposed to leave your hand - or else *I* am the one at fault. What sort of crap logic is that? And what does that speak about their product, that it can't be expected to last longer than six months without needing to be tinkered with?

Anyways, I'm getting it fixed, and while I'm waiting for the jeweler to finish his work, my left hand is bare. There is a HUGE farmer's tan on my ring finger, which makes me feel like a sleazoid who's on a business trip and tucked her wedding ring in her wallet. Plus I keep startling myself because I'll realize it's not on and then freak out for a second, thinking it fell off. What I'm saying is, this is causing me duress. They said it should be back tonight. For my mental health, I really hope so.


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