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Thursday, September 11, 2008


Man, I am out of practice of getting up early. Working from home you do need to follow a schedule, but it's one thing to roll out of bed and into your chair; it's another to have to be groomed and at an outside location by a certain time. Yikes.

To make it worse, I have to get up REALLY EARLY twice a week now. Like, oh-dark-thirty early. So early that when I leave the house, I can't see the front door to lock it and I have to turn on our porch light. It really makes you rethink doing anything crazy the night before, like going to bed as late as 10PM.

I didn't use to have this problem. Back in high school, I spent four years getting up at 6AM so I could do my hair for 45 minutes. WTF. Talk about youthful folly. Those days are gone. Now I have to talk myself into spending the five minutes blow-drying my hair so it won't freeze in the winter (in the summer? Forget about it).

When I went to college, I thought it was super-awesome-frabulous that we could start classes as late as 9AM. Keep in mind, this was someone who had to be at high school for a start at 7:18 AM. (Why the weird time? Ours is not to ask, but to accept. In other words, no clue.) 9AM? That was sleeping in! Until I actually had to go through with it, when I found out that for a college student living in the dorms, it was not a good idea. I truly hit my stride my third quarter in college when I arranged it so that my earliest class was at 11AM. Ah, the good old days.

Right now, I am debating slogging through the day or taking a quick nap. Responsible or slothful? Lady or the tiger? TBD.


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