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Friday, September 05, 2008

Move along, nothing to see here

School started last week and things have been a bit hectic. New schedules are always a bitch to get used to. Really, only a few things of note to speak of:

1) I taught the cat how to high-five me. Sure, he may be using his claws to try to take off my hand, which technically may be against the esprit de corps that a high-five is supposed to engender. But he's still doing it.*

2) The Texan has started to learn French, so we've been practicing pretty much every night. It's fun for me, as I get to feel smart that after, god, eight years of studying French, I know more than someone who started last week. Yes, I clutch at small victories.

3) Last night, The Texan and I went to San Antonio's "art district" (I use that term loosely), the Blue Star**, to go see a photo exhibit by Patrick Zeller. Two years ago, he and a few other people took a motorcycle tour of Iran and he wrote about it in the Express-News, which was one of the best pieces of travel writing I've ever seen. Seriously. So I was curious to see his pictures. They were really interesting, but The Texan (despite being a photographer) was more intrigued by the motorcycles themselves, which were also on display. I told him not to get any ideas, as I am NOT about to ride 2000 miles on the back of a bike.

4) While watering our tree out front just now, I somehow put my left hand in a red ant nest. OUCH. Those motherfuckers hurt, and when they bite, they do not let go. I tried spraying them with the hose, but they didn't budge. I finally was able to swipe them off, but not before they left me with multiple welts up and down my left side. Assholes.

* When I told The Texan of the cat's amazing new ability, he immediately set about to teach the dog how to high-five too. Of course Che can do it without his claws. Show-off.

** At the art show, since it was the opening, they had wine on tap for the low low price of $2/glass. I noticed that a lot of people were walking around with what looked like wooden coaster-holders imprinted with the name of a local sushi chain. I couldn't figure out what sort of drink they were serving in them. I finally figured out that these were intended for people who were drinking water - apparently it's more environmentally friendly than just disposing of plastic glass after plastic glass?


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