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Friday, July 25, 2008

You tell 'em, Lewis

Last night, The Texan and I ventured out to the Majestic, a restored movie palace that now is used for concerts and the like. (Prettiest. Theater. Ever. Seriously, I'd pay $30 just to go sit in it for two hours.) Lewis Black was coming as part of his "Let Them Eat Cake" tour.

We'd gone to his "Back in Black" performance a few years ago. Back then, he'd had a comedian open for him. The opener was on stage for a few minutes, then introduced Lewis, who came out in a very nice suit.

This time, the opening comedian (Jim McCue, very good) was on-stage for over half an hour. Besides doing his bit, he also spent quite a lot of time asking audience members their names and then making cracks about their jobs. Then, there was a 40-minute-long intermission. Finally, Lewis came on-stage, wearing rumpled casual clothes.

Turned out he'd gotten screwed on his flight into SA and had to cool his heels for seven hours at the Newark airport, waiting for the weather to ease up (thanks, Hurricane Dolly!) so that his plane could head this way. I think that he came pretty much straight from the SA airport to the Majestic.

Now, in case you're not familiar with Lewis Black, he's known for his rants about the state of the world today. Now, imagine him after having been in the fifth circle of hell (i.e., airport purgatory) for an entire day. He was on fire - the first part of his show was spent ranting about the airline industry and how awful air travel is. COULDN'T AGREE MORE. The rest of the show was good, but for me, that was the best part.


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