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Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Because that whole stand-off with the kids being taken away from their parents at the religious compound took place a little outside of SA, our local paper has been chronicaling it pretty assiduously. It's been a sometimes heartbreaking story to follow. While I am all about protecting young kids from predators, and there are certainly some issues that they need to look into with this group, CPS totally screwed the pooch on this. The government over the past seven years has little by little been taking away our civil liberties and this swooping in and just taking children willy-nilly with zero evidence to prove that the kids were at danger was just another step in that direction. I was really happy to read that the kids were being reunited with their parents.

But one thing puzzles me. Along with the nearly-daily stories in the paper, they've been running tons of pictures of the mothers. That's partially due to the fact that the women are begging for their kids back, but also, let's face it, their olden-tyme clothes are wild. It's really jarring to see these Little House on the Prairie outfits, complete with Gibson Girl hairstyles, on people who live in our current times.

What I don't get, though, is that I've also seen the women wearing Ray-bans and Crocs. How do they make the decision that those are acceptable but things like, say, denim pants, are not?


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