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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

105 with the heat index

Summer has arrived in SA. Hooray.

I didn't plan it, but hey - lookee there, a two-week break. No, I wasn't suffering from heat exhaustion and unable to get to a keyboard. It was The Texan and my one-year wedding anniversary last week and his gift to me was a trip to DC, where we had met three years prior. It was a wonderful week: we got to see a lot of my friends, visit a lot of my favorite haunts, and I even got my makeup done by a makeup artist (for free! Sort of. I had bought a LOT of makeup from him on previous trips, so I guess I paid for it in product. It was still cool). Plus it was in the 60s and dry. Heaven, I tell you.

Now we're back and trying to stay cool. I haven't put up my suitcase yet because the cat loves to sleep on it and I hate to disturb his slumber. You know how sleep-deprived cats are, right? Plus there's the fact that I'm lazy.

At least I'm set up for the summer: I have not one but TWO new bathing suits. My previous one was three years old because oh god do I hate shopping for new ones. But Friday's shopping expedition proved surprisingly pain-free. The Texan went with me and showed himself to be a champion shopper. He willingly ran from rack to rack of suits to bring me ones that he thought might work. And lo, there were a few that did. Now I can spend summer in Texas the way one should: submerged in a swimming pool.


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