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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The highlights of my week so far

* The Texan is recovering from another bout with bronchitis. He has had a rough winter.

* I just got off the phone with my accountant. Good news: I owe $2000 less than last year. Now, hearing that, you might think that I make beaucoup bux and hence am in a very high tax bracket. Ha. Ha ha ha. HAHAHAHAHA. Ahem. I work as an a consultant to a non-profit, I don't think you can get much lower in the totem pole than me. Since I'm a consultant, I don't pay taxes when I get paid - that lovely moment comes April 15 every year. And because I got hitched last year, we owe less. I knew I married The Texan for a reason!

* The six-month probation period ended with my new bank account and they no longer hold part of every check I deposit aside for an arbitrary number of days. Why does this matter? See above. For some reason, as a consultant, I don't get direct deposit, but am paid via check. So every day of delay matters, and now I don't have to gnash my teeth and wail as I figure out how long the delay is before I can get access to my paycheck.

* I have a new go-to site whenever I have a few minutes: the Comics Curmudgeon (joshreads.com). I started reading him because he apparently loves/hates FBOFW as much as G&T and I do, but the entire site is hilarious. Even his take on comic strips like Mark Trail or Mary Worth, which I haven't read in years, is hysterical.


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