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Friday, February 29, 2008

A tip of the hat....

...to the unsung heroes of Feb. 29: wedding planners in Las Vegas chapels. My sister, Dustbunny, and her colleagues have been preparing feverishly for this, Leap Year Day. Why people would especially want to get married on a day that only officially comes around every four years is beyond me. It's like they need a hook to make their marriage interesting.

Be that as it may, Dustbunny informs me that they have more weddings booked for today than they did for Valentine's Day, and they were frantically busy on VD. I guess everyone's reallly excited about Leap Year. Or something.

BTW: The next big date for weddings: August 8, which this year will be 8.8.08. Again, not sure why this is so appealing to people, but apparently it is.


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