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Monday, February 04, 2008

Packing it in

I guess I am officially an old wizened woman now. I always thought I'd have more than one cat when it happened though.

Saturday morning I was getting ready to go to the gym. As I bent over to pick up my shoes, I felt a tweak go down my spine. Hmm, I thought, that's not good. Then, another one. And another one. I sat down to debate whether I should actually go work out, and at the end of that thought process, whether I should work out became moot, as there was no goddamned way I could work out. I had a muscle spasm in my back that was so bad I couldn't even bend over to flip up the toilet lid.

I'd hoped that it would've blown through by Sunday afternoon, but no such luck. Two days later, I can hobble around the house, but that's about the extent of my mobility. So instead of going to get sloshed at a Superbowl party, I....taped the Puppy Bowl specifically so I could watch the Kitty Half-Time Show on Animal Planet. The Texan did make me brownies and pizza though so I could enjoy in the snacking aspect of SuperBowl Sunday.

And the puppies were so cute! I want a Bernese Mountain Dog. I read an online chat with one of the producers of the Puppy Bowl last week and she said that they get tons of requests for outsiders to come watch it, which they have to turn down. Primarily, that's because of a lack of room, but there also is the very real concern that people will not be able to quell their urges to hug the puppies. They film it in October - just put the puppies out on a pseudo-field and have them play, then dub in an announcer later. They even had a referee, who would occasionally decreee unnecessary roughness and a penalty, or, less often, tweet his whistle when a "touch-down" was scored.

The Kitty half-time show was along those same lines: kittens playing on a ginormous playset. Quite a few looked like Scratchel, but that's not unusual, as he's a grey stripey cat, like 99% of the feline population. They had a "grand finale" which turned out to be a lot of confetti raining down on some very confused looking kittens.

So, to sum: bad back + slavish dovotion to puppies and kittens playing on TV = *thisclose* to embroidering my own kitten sweatshirts.


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