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Monday, January 28, 2008

Soon my ass will cradled in buttery leather goodness

Not like THAT. Perv.

We finally bought a couch this weekend. And even though we had both very firmly stated that we didn't want a leather couch, well, that's what we ended up getting. Specifically, a chocolate brown leather sectional. It was just so comfortable! And every other couch we looked at was boring green - excuse me, celadon - or beige. I had wanted maybe a blue couch to replace my old one, but that ain't happening this year, as apparently the furniture designers have gotten together and decided that blue is so early 2000's.*

So much leather...I'm hoping that Scratchel will continue to contain his scratching to our legs and his scratcher boards and keep his sharp little claws out of the couch. Otherwise, he and I will have to have words. And to think how back in high school I used to look at wearing leather as being almost on par with wearing fur. How the judgmental have fallen.

Because of the way the sectional is designed, the recliners are at opposite ends of the sofa. The Texan and I will never sit next to each other on the couch again. Ah well, we've had a good run.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure we bought the exact same couch that J-Ditty and her husband bought a few weeks ago. They live in Florida now so I haven't been able to confirm that personally, but from the way she's described it, I think we did. Long-time friends can tell you how much I hate ordering the same plate as someone else at dinner, but this one I will have to let slide.

* Speaking of being out of date, the Express-News had its special bridal section in yesterday's behemouth of a Sunday paper. I flipped through it out of curiosity. I shouldn't have, though, as I learned that my halter wedding dress is so OUT this year. Good thing I've already worn it then. And, please note, that eight months after the wedding, my gown is finally ready to get picked up from the cleaners. Not their fault, either - that's one task I let get past me. Eh, it's not like I'll need it anytime soon.


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