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Friday, January 04, 2008

For once, not a complaint

Shocking, I know. But I must give props to San Antonio's emergency responses. Last weekend, The Texan had what we thought was a sinus infection. That aggravated his asthma tremendously, to the point on Sunday where he was wheezing so much and to such little avail that his lips were blue. I have been accused of being a hypochondriac, but come on, even the staunchest anti-trips to the doctor person out there - you know, most men - would have to agree that that was bad.

At first The Texan, being one of those aforementioned anti-trips to the doctor types, refused to consider going to the ER. However, I finally got him to agree to it, which was good because he's bigger than me and there was no way I could force him there. So I called 911 and got an an ambulance to come pick him up. I was worried about getting lost or separated from him on the way to the hospital so I insisted on riding with the EMTs. I got to sit up front, which was pretty cool (they use GPS now to get them places. We are moving to a world where no one knows how to read a map). No siren though, as they got him stabilized.

Because The Texan is a military veteran, we had them take us to the VA ER (motto: where everything is free to the honorably discharged). I gotta say, I was worried about a long wait or endless bureaucracy. There wasn't any of either. We got right in and they started giving The Texan oxygen immediately. The nurses were nice and even let me use the employee-only bathroom.

After some x-rays - they brought the machine to him, a nice touch I thought - they found out he has pneumonia. We got some meds and after a couple of saline drips, we were allowed to get in a cab (my poor husband was in his bathrobe and it was only 40 degrees out. Good thing he had a fever anyways to keep him warm) and go home.

He's slowly getting better but is still pretty much creeping around. I have had to take up the slack on cooking, typically his forte, and it has not been pretty. I made perhaps the most peppery corn chowder in existence yesterday. Oh well. I still think he went through all this to get out of taking down the xmas decorations, but if so, he's VERY good at staying in-character.


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