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Friday, November 16, 2007

Watchful waiting

Is it the weekend yet? How about now? Now? What about now?

This has been a long week, and the most frustrating part is that I've spent most of it kicking my ass trying to get a paper done for a conference that I may not end up getting to go to, due to bureaucratic snafus (NOT ON MY END). Talk about feeling futile... I'm hoping I'll get some good news today.

The Texan's birthday is this weekend, so of course I have a whale of a pimple coming. This is going to be huge, people. I tweezed a hair on my chin (what? I'm of Mediterranean heritage, I've come to terms with it) on Monday and my chin did not like that one bit. The follicle got inflamed but it's taking its sweet time to come to fruition. I figure it'll crest right in the midst of The Texan's birthday party on Saturday. In the meantime, the damn thing throbs off and on, making life that much more interesting.

On that note, allow me to wrap this up with a short vignette of rental car humor. Yesterday, I was taking an out-of-town visitor to a car rental place near my house to pick up her rental car. They didn't have a car in the size she'd reserved, so they upgraded her for free. The guy behind the counter assured her she wouldn't have to pay any more than she'd planned, as "This isn't National! Ho ho ho." The he proceeded to add an extra insurance that she hadn't asked for onto her ticket and had the temerity to be miffed when she had him take it off.


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