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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

This is the first Halloween that I've been here in Tejas and not had something else that night. Hence I can stay home and hand out candy to the three? four? kids who make it all the way down our street (we live at the very farthest end of the trailer park entrance). While The Texan avowed to have none to do with the foolishness of giving out candy, I noticed he insisted on buying a family pack of candies that he himself enjoys very much. Ahem.

When I used to live in DC, I would rush home on Halloween night to deal with the trick-or-treaters. The last October I was there, it was unseasonably warm and thus I had the front window open to let the fresh air in. Shrapnel took advantage of the free windowsill and sat up there to watch the world go by. So I ended up being alerted to the presence of trick-or-treaters by hearing some variant of, "My GOD! Will you LOOK at the SIZE of that CAT???"


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