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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

One small consolation

Our floor-work is, surprise surprise, taking twice as long to get done as originally promised. Last night The Texan and I tried to camp out on the brand-new wood laminate*. That lasted for all of half an hour, then my back started hurting and we split up to the two sofas. The dog freaked the fuck out and damn near crawled up The Texan's ass, he was trying to stay so close to him for comfort (he's a sweet dog but doesn't handle change well). The cat, on the other hand, took to circling the living room, repeatedly clicking his little claws along the outer edge of the room as he brushed up against the blinds. And then clawed at the blinds. And then meowed at the blinds. Over and over and over....

Anyways, the guys came back today to do some work and just swooned over Shrapnel (he'd been locked in the office out of the way yesterday, but today I was tired of his yowling and let him loose). I am serious, I have never seen this level of adoration for a cat. Every time I came out of the office for some water or to talk with the foreman, I'd see the workers dangling a piece of string for the cat or taking a picture of him with a cell phone. It turned out that they were even able to pick up and hold the cat (those of you who know Shrapnel can understand why I was staggered by this knowledge. Petting, he will put up with, but strangers usually are considered verboten by him). I had to check when they left to make sure they hadn't spirited him away in their tool boxes.

T-minus three more days until the work is done, or until my sanity is completely gone. Perhaps both.

* Yes, I know real wood would've been better. But come on, this is a mobile home. No way are we paying more for the flooring than what the entire place is worth. Besides, it looks purty as it is.


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