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Monday, September 10, 2007

It was all so much simpler then

The other day, I was getting caught up with the shows that had built up on DVR (although it seems rather moot since The Texan still has not one but two "Andromeda" marathons waiting for him, and which have stretched our DVR to its breaking point).

Anyways, I watched a "Gilmore Girls," or, as The Texan likes to refer to them, "mah stories," and it was the one where Rory and Paris go to Daytona for spring break. The Shins were the unanounced special guest stars and played for a good chunk of the show.

Then I moved on to "Scrubs" and that had the Polyphonic Spree on it. They also were unannounced and also got considerable screen-time.

It was like I'd magically been transported back to 2004. After "Scrubs" was over, I quickly turned off the TV, afraid to break the spell.


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