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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Take this airplane and...

The Washington Post had a frustrating article today about how air travel's getting worse and worse these days (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/07/31/AR2007073102212.html). That is for goddamn sure. I can think of no other service where you're so grateful that you finally get what you paid for. The airlines can bitch all they want - I have zero sympathy for them, given the terrible products that they are producing.

For example. This summer, besides flying at night without a seatlight (reason the flight attendant gave me when I asked why they couldn't leave the cabin lights on? In case of a crash, you want your eyes to be adjusted to the dark. The guy next to me piped up with the obvious question: If we crash, aren't maladjusted eyes going to be the least of our concerns?), I have had to deal with delay after delay after delay.

When The Texan and I were coming back from Brussels in June, our flight left two hours late, even though it was the first flight of the day, because the plane had gotten stuck in NJ due to weather. When we finally get on the plane, we discover that none of the in-flight entertainment is working. Keep in mind that's what the airlines promote as for what they offer to all customers, not just the business class types. They finally start a movie in the main cabin - "Zodiac" - and then stop it about halfway through, for no good reason. Throughout the entire flight, a three-year-old is screaming and throwing fits. The entire. seven. hours. She stopped when we landed in Newark. As we filed past her seat, she was sitting there, asleep. I really had to work hard to stop myself from whacking her chair as I went past it.

Thanks to the delay, when we land in Newark, our previous three-hour layover has been shaved to an hour, which is really tight when you have to go through customs, pick up your bag, recheck it and then go back through security. We get on our plane to come to SA and guess who's on it? The screaming three-year-old, refreshed from her nap and ready to yell again.

And that was one of my better trips.

I have three flights scheduled for this month. I'm crossing my fingers that they're uneventful.


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