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Friday, April 27, 2007

*Almost* ready to get hitched

I don't mean that in an emotional, logistical, or even financial way. I mean that legally. The Texan and I went downtown on Wednesday to get our marriage license. I must say, I have never seen city employees so downright happy. Might have something to do with this being Fiesta Week*, but no matter what, they were all downright pleasant. Something new, I guess.

Anyways, we paid our $36, showed them our IDs, promised that we weren't already married to someone else or related to each other, and got a handy-dandy folder with a HUGE wedding cake on the front and the inscription, "When you want to get married..." It comes complete with a notebook of questions designed to provide low-cost couples' counselling. If we hadn't thought until now about conflict, communication, and children, I don't think that this notebook would be enough. Still, the state of Texas can say it tried.

The marriage license for Bexar County (gold star for the first non-San Antonian who can pronounce that correctly**) is quite pretty. It's a vintagey-looking yellow with little pictures all around it of various images that presumably represent SA. The Alamo is, of course, front and center. But there's also the German flag (this place had, at one time, a sizable German population), an armadillo (never seen one this far east), a steer, a guy wearing a military uniform and giving a salute, and a completely incorrect view of St. Mary's University with the Tower of the Americas behind it (no way, no how in this space-time continuum can you see the Tower of the Americas from that part of SA), among others.

The back, however, is the crucial part. It says when the license was issued and for how long it's good for. There is a 72-hour mandatory waiting period so that you have time to cool your heels and rethink things. I just checked, and there is no waiting period to buy a gun in Texas. How appropros. Then the license is only good for 30 days, something which has provided me with some consternation. In my control-freak way, I've been trying to get done everything that can possibly be done ahead of time. That includes finding a JP to marry us. Unfortunately, the JP office won't talk to you until you get a marriage license. So now we can find someone to marry us. We'd joked about getting one of our friends to fill out the online application and become a minister, but it looks, knock wood, like that won't be necessary.

* You do not joke about Fiesta Week in San Antonio. This is when the whole city shuts down the last week of April in order to celebrate the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto (which led to Texan independence) with a series of parties that culminate with the Battle of the Flowers. Today is that great battle and I know people who are pulling their kids out of school for the parade. I can appreciate having pride in your local culture but my god it's frustrating if you're trying to get stuff done. No one's working any more than they have to.

** Phonetically, it's Bear County. Not even close, were you?


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