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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ready to boot-scoot

I took another step in my Texasification recently: I got a pair of cowboy boots. I had long wanted a pair, figuring that it was the law if you lived in Texas, you should own a pair of boots. So when we went boot-shopping for The Texan to wear to our wedding - oh yes, they do have gorgeous dress boots that you can wear with a tuxedo - I broke down and got some too.

Of course, my special skill asserted itself. I have the capability to walk through an entire store of items on sale and pick the one thing that isn't. This time was no different. The store (and this is an honest-to-god cowboy store, complete with t-shirts of a cowboy praying next to his horse) had row after row of pairs of boots on display. The kind I ended up getting were shown with only the left boot available - you had to ask to try on the entire pair, and then, once you decided to get it, the salesperson had to walk the boots to the front of the store and leave the box with the cashier.

Like all good things, these boots were handmade in Italy and they are, I modestly note, quite purty. It's getting warm now, so unless I want to go all Daisy Duke on San Antonio (and if you've seen my thighs, I think we can all agree that that would not be good for anyone), I'll have to wait until the fall to wear them. Can't wait!

There's one Texas thing I still cannot bring myself to do, though: get a Texas driver's license. Hey, I actually like the picture on my DC driver's license - how rare is that? Someday, though, I'll have to do it. Texas has a law that you have within 30 days of moving here to get a Texas driver's license, and after that, there are consequences. A friend told me she just got a ticket from a cop for having lived here for - gasp - TWO YEARS and not transferring over her license. So now every time I drive, I practice a story for the cops as to why I'm here and yet don't have a Texas driver's license. The pressure's building, and I'm sure I'll just snap and do it at some point, but for now, I'm clinging to my DC license with everything I've got.


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