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Thursday, March 29, 2007

A sign that you're getting older

You go to Vegas for your bachelorette party. It's Saturday night, you're footloose and fancy-free. What do you do?

Eat a huge meal of meat (www.pampasusa.com) at a Brazilian churrascaria - seriously, they had like fifteen different kinds on skewers that they kept bringing by - then go to bed by midnight. To top it off, the people next door came in drunk and singing 80s pop tunes shortly after we went to bed, so we called security on them. Heh.

It was a wonderful weekend - everyone there I'd known since at least the third grade. Considering how that was cough*decades*cough ago, it's nice that we all can still stand each other. And because my parents were able to make it, and my sister Dustbunny and her husband Roadrunner live in Vegas, we were able to have a mini-family reunion.


In other news, BIG excitement in San Antonio: the giant mulch fire's out! Yes, our own Springfield Tire Fire, which burned for 90 days straight and released god knows what into our water supply, is finally out. At a cost of $5.5 million, I might add. What really galls me is that "Mulchie," as it became fondly known in cyberspace, as 1,727 friends on its MySpace page. How can a pile of shit have more friends than me? Or, more accurately, what does it state that a pile of shit is the most popular entity I know?


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