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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One step closer to obsolescence

This past weekend was a birthday blowout weekend. I turned 33, or, as I like to say, I'm now Jesus' age.

It started on Friday, where The Texan gave me his gift: a hot pink Motorola Razr. With etched flowers on the phone's face. On one hand, I hate how marketers feel that if they want women to buy something, they need to make it pink. On the other hand, it's so pretty. I want to add a few rhinestones or something to it just to make the bling complete.

Saturday night, The Texan and I headed out to our favorite bar for what I thought would be a quiet evening of contemplating being one year nearer to meeting my maker. Instead, it was a surprise birthday party, complete with far too much champagne and sheet cake. (I had told The Texan that I expected sheet cake at some point during my birthday - it's just not your birthday without that sugary, larded frosting.)

Sunday, despite quite egregious hangovers, we managed to stick to the birthday plan of heading to Natural Bridge Caverns. It's about 30 miles east of SA and has a wild animal park attached to it. The website warned that while the cave is 70 degrees, it has 99 percent humidity, so jackets are not necessary. Boy, they weren't kidding. At first it's just pleasantly moist. But then they make you trek up and down the cave and at one particularly harrowing point, have you walk up a spiralling staircase for about 100 feet. Then they take your picture, so you'll always have a memory of when your hair was plastered to your head with sweat.

I bitch, but it was pretty interesting. I would recommend it (but not on days when you're feeling a bit under the weather). We even got pressed pennies at the gift shop. We may have also bought an album for our growing collection of pressed pennies. We MAY have, I won't confirm or deny that.

Finally, we went out for Indian food for dinner. I luuuurve Indian food and could eat it every day. Unfortunately, my hangover was one of the kind where it gets worse as the day goes on. By dinnertime, I was hunched over in my chair, determined to eat my chicken tikka masala and yet feeling like I was going to have to bolt for the bathroom at any moment. Still, totally worth it.


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