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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow day!

Technically, it's an inclement weather day, but I'll take it. SA got hit with freezing temperatures and lots of rain, creating an icy environment and cancelling pretty much life as we know it. I shouldn't get so excited about it, as that is just asking the gods to have an icy branch take out our power line (KNOCK WOOD), but still, it's kind of fun.

The only bad part is that it is impossible to get warm, even with the heater going all day. Normally my office is gaspingly hot, but today's it's remained quite chilly. The cat hasn't moved away from the heating vent, and the poor dog has only been outside in five-minute intervals.

Perhaps this will help put out our manure fire, going on since Christmas Day. That's right, we have our own Springfield Tire Fire. This manure fire is located about ten miles down the road from here in Helotes, a community that used to be beyond rural but now is where all the rich folk are moving to escape the city (and consequently bringing it with them). But anyways, the authorities first dinked around with the manure fire, as it would require over 100 million tons of water to put out (I know! You'd think you could see it from space). Public outcry soon changed their minds, however, as it's been unleashing an unthinkable amount of contaminated particulates into the air and water supply, and every day the paper has had yet another story where the government and the manure pile's owner are scratching their heads helplessly. Maybe this is Mother Nature's way of throwing us a bone.


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