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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Everything's bigger in Texas

On New Year's Day, I was desperate for a chicken shwarma. So I drove to not one, but two falafel houses trying to get one. But alas, they were closed for the holiday - much like a lot of SA. So, really for lack of a better option, I went into Freebirds Burrito. I know, it seems like blasphemy to go into a burrito chain in a town that has a taqueria on every corner, but sometimes you don't have any choice.

I was able to get a Bird salad - basically a burrito minus the tortilla in a bowl - which was quite tasty. I bought a Monster Burrito for The Texan, since he'd expressed interest in something that he could eat for lunch the next day. Two days later and there's still half a burrito sitting in our fridge. That is one large burrito.

Thing is, that wasn't even the largest burrito option available. For the truly gargantuan appetites, they have the Super Monster burrito option. It is, in a word, ginormous.

I came home and checked out Freebirds' website. The Super Monster burrito's tortilla ALONE has over 800 calories. This is before you put anything in it. For a little perspective, a McDonalds Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese has a mere 730 calories. Crikey.


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