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Friday, December 29, 2006

Back in time to take off

We got back from our trip to LA just fine on Wednesday night. I mean, we got in half an hour late, but considering some of the tales of woe we heard from fellow travellers (America West: drop dead. But take Phoenix's airport with you, please), we got off easy. We were able to kill time in various bars: they do let you smoke in specified facilities, and there is free wi-fi.

Christmas in LA was pretty much storybook: 75 degrees, sunny, clear, everything. Come to think of it, it was a foodie holiday indeed. I made biscotti for the first time and they came out really good. Somehow, everything in my mom's kitchen tastes better, even if I'm the one making it. To whit: I made these sugar-free oatmeal bars for my dad, who's diabetic, that I'd previously tried out on The Texan. Now, the batch I made in our own kitchen were, well, flavorless. But the batch I made in LA were wonderful. Same with the cheese stuffing I put together, under my mom's direct supervision (and I mean absolutely everything was spelled out, including how best to crack an egg). Plus I was forced nearly at gunpoint to learn how to make an omelet. I don't eat eggs - I just don't like their taste, I have nothing against them really - but when my mom offered to teach me and I declined, The Texan said nothing but just turned and looked at me. Hard. Did I mention that he does eat eggs and loves a good omelet? So now I know how to make them.

Anyways, we're back and looking forward to another long weekend. The federal government is shutting down on Tuesday as a day of mourning for Ford. When Reagan died, they did the same thing. Well, they shut down DC because they figured that there would be awful traffic with all the fancy VIPs coming to the funeral. Luckily for us, it fell on a Friday, right in the heart of beach season, so we were all able to escape to the shore. I also avoided waiting in line to see Reagan lying in state in the Capitol rotunda. I thought about it - just for historical interest and everything - but they were only doing it for a day or so and the line was about six hours long. My interest in history is not that well-developed.


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