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Friday, December 22, 2006

A word to the wise

If you watch "Born into Brothels," for the love of all that is holy, do watch the follow-up in the special features portion of the DVD. The documentary is about these kids who live in Calcutta's brothels where their moms work and their dads, if they're present, lay about and do drugs. A Western woman is working on a documentary about their moms, but because the kids are so engaged, starts classes on teaching them photography as a way of encouraging their creative side. The kids show a real knack for it and so the documentarian starts doing fundraisers for them by selling their art (Sotheby's New York) and striving to get them into boarding schools and away from their home environments.

Not to sound sappy, but you do just fall in love with these kids - they're so sweet and open and funny, and yet completely realistic about their circumstances. The girls particularly are hard to watch, as they're all about 10 and they realize that they are just a few years away from having to work "on the line", as working in the brothels is called. Plus there's the one really talented little boy whose mom gets set on fire by her pimp and he falls into this depression where he stops taking pictures and starts down the road to, well, ruin. You're hoping for the best for these kids and yet you know that this isn't probably going to have the Hollywood happy ending.

The Texan was taking a nap while I watched this and he came into the room right when it was over and while I was unsuccessfully trying to hold back the sobs. They do a follow-up three years later and visit the kids, which I found therapeutic. A wonderful movie - definitely recommend it.


On that cheerful note, The Texan and I leave in, oh crap, three hours for LA. Have I packed? Have I showered? No. But have I set the DVR so my shows will continue to be taped? Oh, you betcha. Happy holidays and safe travels all.


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