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Monday, December 04, 2006

Another thing to check off the list

Friday night I had a hankering for a chicken salad from a local Cajun place, the Acadiana Cafe. When I suggested we hit the restaurant for dinner, The Texan's face lit up and he said, "Yeah, and we can get gator bits." Hoping that this was something along the lines of buffalo wings, I asked for further clarification. Oh, it's actually real alligator that you're eating there. They deep-fry it and, as does every kind of exotic meat, it's supposed to taste like chicken.

While I love trying all sorts of new foods, I am a bit of a wuss about new kinds of meats. Anything described as "gamey" is generally not going to be a winner with me. Still, how could anyone resist the idea of gator bits?

So off we went. Even better was that they had a sampler appetizer platter with gator bits *and* fried dill pickle slices.

Verdict? I could eat fried dill pickle slices until the cows come home. Gator bits, however.... I took a bite, then chewed, and chewed, and chewed, and chewed, and then I chewed some more. My teeth just could not seem to break through the gator meat. Meanwhile, the protective layer of deep-fried batter came off, exposing the rubbery gator flesh to my palate. I gave up and ended up spitting it out in my napkin. I'm just a chicken - the REAL kind - kind of gal, I guess.


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