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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Problems with depth perception

GI Jane was here this past weekend (SA is a lovely place to come visit during the winter. AHEM). I did the usual tourist sites with her - the Alamo, the Riverwalk - and decided that we should splash out away from the madding crowd a bit. So I dragged her off to go do the Mission Trail. Frequent readers may remember that I did that on my birthday this year and rather dorkily enjoyed it, so I was happy to have an excuse to do it again.

On the way there, we were driving down Highway 151, which goes right past Lackland Air Force Base. GI Jane was driving and keeping her eyes on the road like the responsible member of society that she is. I, as the passenger, had the leeway to look around, which is why I spotted first the series of four fighter jets flying in a tight diamond formation. They were flying together so closely and moving in such unison that I thought at first that they had to be a toy model of sorts. But then I remembered that Lackland was supposed to have an air show last weekend and they were probably rehearsing.

Even GI Jane, with that sort of scenery, looked away from traffic to watch the planes. We were both watching when another fighter jet flew across our line of vision. It was far enough away that it, too, looked like a toy airplane. So imagine how it looked to us. Relatively speaking, it was about an inch or so long.

We were both gaping at the other plane when all of a sudden one of the fifty billion or so butterflies that have inundated San Antonio this year hit the windshield. Keep in mind, the butterfly was also about an inch or so long. And it couldn't have been better timed. It arrived right after we were surprised by the fighter jet coming from one side and gave the windshield a solid smack. I have to admit, we both jumped, half-convinced that it was one of the planes heading our direction.

GI Jane, to her great credit, kept her cool and didn't swerve into the median, as I probably would've had I been driving. It took a while for our heart rates to come back to normal though.


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