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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Travellin' gal

Lately, the radio silence has been due to a crushing amount of work, a sore throat that will. not. go. away, no matter what, and preparation for a couple of trips.

Last weekend we were in Chicago for Katie and Jim's wedding (hee. inside joke for those who were there). Their wedding was simple and perfect. It was held on the third floor of a building that allowed us to see the Chicago skyline. Plus, in a touch that couldn't have been planned, there was a full moon Saturday night, so we got to watch it rise up through the buildings. The Texan and I were taking notes on how to throw a fun wedding - we hope that ours this spring will be half as enjoyable for the attendees.

Today I'm doing last-minute prep for a trip that will not be anywhere near as much fun - at least, not at first. I'm going to DC for work and then will be sticking around for the weekend. That should be good at least and I can see how my liver's healed itself after having had a couple of weeks' off (when I'm sick, coffee nor alcohol appeal to me. Life is hardly worth living). See everyone next week.


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