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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The perils of intra-office fraternization

Now, I am a big proponent of the office happy hour. It's a good way just to relax with your co-workers and establish little connections independent of how much everyone hates that one weirdo in far hallway (although that kind of hatred has been known to draw people together just fine).

However, these are generally people who you need to maintain a modicum of respect for, and ensure that when they see you at the office meeting on Monday, their thoughts of you won't be interspersed with the massive amounts of jello shots you were able to down the previous Friday.

I speak of this because Friday night, The Texan and I went out for a late-ish dinner. We went to a restaurant that prides itself on its authentic Jamaican jerk chicken and pork. One thing was certainly authentic Jamaican about the place: the drunk, obnoxious Americans cavorting in the back. This was around 9PM and this group had clearly left the office early to get a start on the long weekend. They were taking pictures with the office camera - fair enough. Except they were hosing each other down (and a few of the women were wearing white shirts), taking off pants, having gravel fights, and throwing shoes around. Plus for some reason they'd brought their clearly not a seeing eye dog with them INSIDE the restaurant. None of this is something that the boss would want to see come Monday.

We didn't stay long, having had to duck an errant shoe. Maybe I'm somewhat bitter since, working at home, my office happy hours consist of popping open a bottle of wine while I watch "Gilmore Girls" on the DVR. But that just seems like a very bad scene waiting to happen.


BTW: My new favorite radio station is http://www.kngy.com/index_up.html, Energy 92.7. It's a dance radio station that broadcasts out of SF and allows you to listen live over the interweb. While it is a bit disconcerting to listen to another city's traffic issues, it overall is a great station. This past weekend they had a countdown of the best dance songs *ever.* Only one miss: Ace of Base's "I saw the sign." Come on, people still like that song? Other than that, hours - no exaggeration - of great listening.


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