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Monday, August 21, 2006

Kids, don't try this at home

We're back from our whirlwind trip up California's coast. It was a blast and just gorgeous. Why did I move away from there again? Sigh.

Of course J-Dawg's reception was the highlight of the trip. It was held in San Clemente, a lovely beach community about half-way between LA and San Diego, at the home of the city's founder (www.CasaRomantica.org, NOT Rancho Relaxo as I kept wanting to call it). The reception had something I'd never seen but will have to emulate: mashed potato martinis. Yup, they are pretty much what they sound like. So tasty. So starchy. So good. More importantly, the bride and groom were very happy and had a good time, which is what really matters.

We almost didn't get a chance to experience it though. The Texan, G&T, ZFF and I were all at the same hotel. The bride's mom had plans for us to get a ride to the reception so we could drink with impunity. They kept changing, as things tend to in these kinds of situations. The last I'd heard was that we were to be down at the hotel's lobby at 5:45, where someone whose name I didn't recognize would pick us up.

So we go downstairs, meet a couple of other people who are there for "the wedding," and hop into the van. The driver introduces himself and we all do the same. As we drive through San Clemente's wee downtown, G&T and ZFF, who'd gotten there a day earlier, tell me what they've been up to. They mention that they went for a run and passed the entrance of the Casa Romantica, which we then passed in the car. Hmm, we think, guess there's a back route for cars.

Of course, there wasn't a back route. We were being delivered to *another* wedding which was on San Clemente's beach - not the one we'd all come into town for. Once we realized that, and saw the Casa Romantica towering over us from a nearby cliff, we asked the driver of the van if he would kindly deliver us to the correct wedding. And, being a nice guy and laid-back Californian, he did. He even invited us to their wedding's after-party if we were in the mood. God bless beach dudes - you really can't get more easy-going than them.


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