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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Under attack

The Texan often reads an online British IT newspaper, which is a lot more interesting than my description would have you believe. They often have quirky stories that would be appropriate for "News of the Weird." They also write-up the latest IT gadgets, one of which has taken over our office and leaves no one safe: http://www.usbmissilelaunchers.com/.

For those of you not in the mood to click over, that's a missile launcher with four styrofoam missiles that you connect to your USB port and can launch via your keyboard. They even are accompanied by a fairly realistic missile-launching sound. The damn things fly a good eight feet. Guess how far away my desk is from The Texan's? I've been under attack with no end in sight. I tried holding his dog hostage, figuring that even if his heart is black enough to target his fiancee, it wouldn't allow him to target his dog. I was wrong. My only hope is that the missiles will eventually fall apart in-flight, just like Saddam's SCUDs in the first Gulf War.


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