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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Only in Texas

Sunday, while driving through the great city of Comfort, Texas, we saw one of those big trucks that transports cars. Its load was golf carts...Hummer-style. Seriously: think H3, but in golf cart form. They could probably roll over our car (a Ford Escort) and not even blink.


This was en route to what I think has to be the closest thing to paradise this side of the Mississippi: Stonehenge II. We went there on a lark because what's not to love about a mock-up of the real thing? That has a few Easter Island statutes thrown in for the hell of it?

But it turned out to be like Shangri-La. It's in the town of Hunt, Texas, and yes, we almost killed a deer while we were there, but it was because the damn thing jumped in front of the car (calm down, The Texan braked in time).

Except for the rather bloodthirsty name, Hunt was gorgeous. Picture the slow-moving green Guadalupe River wending slowly through riverbanks crowded with tall, old, leafy trees. There are lily pad clusters scattered in groups across the river. Everywhere you look is greenery. With the exception of a few distant cars, there's quiet. Best of all, the air is balmy and almost cool.

This may speak more for how freaking hot we've been lately - Saturday, I got my first case of heat exhaustion (I got up to the point of where I'd stopped sweating before we realized the extent of my distress) - but it was really a lovely little discovery. I'd recommend it just for the drive alone.


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