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Friday, June 23, 2006

Thanks to the restorative powers of Long Island Iced Tea...

...I'm all better.

Yesterday, I was a bit under the weather as work stresses knocked my immune system for a loop. I slept a good chunk of the day and duly got myself ready for a night out. I normally would've stayed home, but we had tickets to see Lewis Black at the Majestic Theater and had been looking forward to it for some time. He was hilarious, as was his opener. The Majestic Theater is one of those old movie houses that's been renovated so it looks as it did in its glory days and my god, the place was gorgeous. All rococo and colors - just stunning. And afterwards, we went to Zen, a Buddha-themed bar which I'm sure is not at all disrespectful, where I had Zen Island Iced Teas until I was whole again.

But the best part of the night came actually before the show started. The Texan and I were waiting in line to buy some drinks*. He ordered two beers and I stood demurely by like the supportive girlfriend I am. The bartender said, "Sure, but let me see her [points to me] ID." Tee-hee. Their policy is to card anyone who looks under 22. To be blunt, 22 is long over the horizon for me. I told The Texan, who mocks my daily skin regimen, that this was vindication. My sister, ever the smart ass, asked me how the lighting was in the theater.

* Guess this got me too hopped up on ego-juice as I took one sip of my beer, set it down on the ground in front of my seat, and promptly knocked it all over my purse. Us 22-year-olds can't handle our alcohol, you know.


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