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Monday, May 22, 2006

No longer living in sin

Well, technically, I guess we still are living in sin, but fairly soon, that will change. On the one-year anniversary of the day we met, The Texan and I exchanged gifts to commemorate the madness that has ensued. I gave him an antique pocketwatch...he gave me a ring. Kinda makes my gift pale in comparison, right? Oh well. It's purty and it was given in love, which means a great deal to me. So far I haven't turned into a Bridezilla but give me time, it hasn't even been a week yet.

The proposal capped off a wonderful trip to DC. I had to do a few work things, but overall we managed to see all my friends and hang out in old haunts. Did we do anything of culture? No, we did not. Did we do anything besides take naps between going to restaurants and/or bars? No, we did not. Was it not the best vacation ever? Oh yes indeed it was. And it was really nice to see everyone again. Granted, I've only been gone seven months, so how much could really change, but still, seeing the urban family again was fan-tas-tic.

I also got to visit my old condo. Sniff. It's all clean and modern-looking now. The current tenants have done great things with the backyard - things I'd always intended to do, but never got around to (hey, I pulled the weeds before I left). Still, it's nice to know it's being loved as I loved it.

Now we're back in Texas and gearing up for what two people have already warned me about: The Planning. Should be fun!


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