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Friday, May 12, 2006

Hello Washington!

I type this to you from our nation's capital, Washington DC. I had a bunch of meetings here and The Texan was done with school, so we decided to make a big trip out of it. It's the first time I've been here since I moved away last year. Conclusion? Looks pretty much the same (although they did finally paint the Nations bank on Dupont Circle; it's a lovely canary yellow now).

We got in late last night and immeidately headed to the bestest pizza place in the whole wide world, Alberto's. Because we were so tired, we opted against standing up and wolfing down the pizza - how one normally eats their pizza - but instead went to Biddy O'Mulligans to eat the slices like civilized human beings. There was a party of very drunk Australians carousing there, coming I'm sure from the Australian embassy which is around the corner, who damn near started a riot to get at our pizza slices. Three guys were scuffling over who could get The Texan's half-eaten, cold leftovers. One guy was willing to pay $20 for it, which, considering how a new slice costs $3.50, would've been quite a mark-up. We should've done that - it would've paid our bar bill. Instead, I batted them aside and saved the pizza for a very delicious breakfast today.

Good to be back! If you're in the DC area tonight, I'll be the very drunk chick at the Raven wearing my DC flag t-shirt. Come say hi.


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