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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Stuck in between gears

My work's email has been down this week - I say "this week," as if it weren't just barely Tuesday morning - and lemme tell you, this has thrown me off my game. How did people function without being able to forward horoscopes? Beats the hell out of me.

Frankly, I think that the web problems of my office are my fault. I had decided that by gum I was NOT going to check my email or work on Sunday in honor of the Easter Bunny. And of course the server immediately goes down the crapper.

At least we had a nice Easter. The Texan and I went out for brunch at Las Ramblas, the restaurant in the Hotel Contessa, which is located on the Riverwalk (like everything downtown). It's a gorgeous hotel - very Spanish (as in Spain)-looking, and the restaurant reminded me of Barcelona. I guess it was hinted to by the name, but they had a Gaudi-looking pillar in the middle of the room and ochre paint and dark wood spread out through the rooms. [I've been to Barcelona exactly once - while on the way to a friend's wedding in Basque country. It reminded me a lot of LA, what with the hills, ocean, and beautiful climate. I was flying solo then, so I entertained myself by taking one of the city buses up to the Gaudi park that overlooks the city. It was there that I took a nap in the sun. It was quite refreshing but HORRIFIED my European friends. One, apparently, does *not* sleep in public.]

Anyways, the food was delish, the company delightful - The Texan even put on one of his lovely new suits - and most importantly, the cava was free-flowing. You know, some places that have champagne brunches act like you're trying to get their first-born child when you want refills. This place, on the other hand, kept my glass filled to the brim. Now that's what I call a champagne brunch.


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