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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Catholic Town, USA

You know, I grew up Catholic in an area with a lot of Catholics, but I have never seen a place shut itself down so thoroughly for Easter as San Antonio does. My god. My boyfriend goes to a Catholic university here, so I can see why they have Good Friday off. (The Texan: "Even the food places on campus are closed on Good Friday. Where are the students who live on campus supposed to eat?" Me: "Hey, didn't you know you're supposed to fast on Good Friday? They shouldn't be eating anyways." I bet a lot of hungry Rattlers were scouting for any place that would serve them food yesterday, poor things.) Why they have Monday off, I'm less clear about.

What I find even more perplexing is the vast amount of regular businesses who are closed not only for Easter but for Good Friday too. WTF? Even our garbage and recycling guys didn't come yesterday as planned. I hope they have no qualms about working on Saturday because otherwise we are going to buried in our own filth.

In DC, the only way you'd know it was Easter would be by the vast amount of restaurants offering gorge-until-you-explode brunches. Nothing else was different. Speaking of, another difference between DC and SA is that here, you can realize the day before Easter that you forgot to make brunch reservations, get on the horn, and have the situation rectified in minutes with your top eatery choice. In DC, you either make reservations weeks ahead of time or reconcile yourself to dining at McDonald's.

Anyways, hope that the Easter bunny is good to everyone. Happy Easter. (bock bock!)


  • At 5:54 PM, Blogger Scully said…

    Good Friday and Easter Monday (it's actually Easter Sunday, but if we can get another holiday, we will) are big here in Canada. Good Friday is a stat holiday, but I must admit, everything is open.

    You're supposed to fast on Good Friday? How does that make it good?


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