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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My DVR clearly hates me

Last night, I got home late from work, so The Texan and I didn't get to sit down until 9pm. Even though that's when The Amazing Race comes on here in the hinterlands, I stayed calm and didn't fling myself at the TV to watch. Officially, it was because The Texan had made his famous lemon chicken and I wanted to be able to concentrate on it (and him), but unofficially, I figured that our trusty DVR would be able to record it.

I checked in around 9:40 to see if I could catch up, but decided just to wait until the show was over and watch it in its entirety. Big mistake.

At 10pm, I found out that not only had the DVR eff'ed up and only taped TAR for the last 21 minutes, it decided in its infinite wisdom that I needed to be taught a lesson and deleted EVERY. SINGLE. SHOW. I had saved on it. And quite a few had built up in our week-long absence. Scrubs? Gone. Gilmore Girls? Gone. What Not to Wear? Good-bye, Clinton and Stacy, it was nice knowing you.

But - and this is where my conspiracy instincts kick in - it didn't touch a single one of The Texan's shows. None of them got deleted. I guess the DVR loves him better than me. Bastard technology.


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