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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In danger

Over the weekend, The Texan and I rearranged the entire house. Okay, well, not the bathroom, but that's only because everything in there is pretty fixed in place already. But the rest of it: moved around. It looks much better - better air flow, better arrangement, less crowded, all that good stuff. But there is one drawback.

I had finally learned where I could safely get dressed in the bedroom and avoid the Ceiling Fan of Death. It took many, many tries, but five months later, I was confident as to where I could reach up and *not* get my fingers whacked by the fan. Now, everything is new again and I've got to figure it out all over again. And sadly, I have a very high learning curve on this. Cross your fingers that I'll still have all ten of mine by Memorial Day.


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